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It gives Comprehensive insight that can make handicapping a professional pursuit

Betting on Horse races involves a game of deception. That is the fun of it, but one can get to the truth of the matter quite easily. Whatever decisions you can come up with using all the publicly reported information on horses, tracks, etc. will not make you a winner; no matter how long you have been handicapping horse races and how many betting systems you have paid for, studied and used. Some horse betting systems do have ingredients that are important so I do not tell you not to invest in betting systems, but once you understand the ingredients of the several betting systems and separate the down-right randomness of many of the ingredients, parameters or categories on which the systems depend you begin to see the insights that do help you make profits.The deceptions in horse racing cannot be resolved using the programs for the day, the charts given on each horse in each field, knowledge of tracks, studying the condition of the horses et., etc. The basic knowledge that the average handicapper uses to determine what horse(s) to bet to win, and, maybe, which horse to bet for 2nd place and the amount to wager on each is like for a knight to go to battle on his horse and in his harness but without his weapons.

The book “Win Bets Consistently” will give you the in-depth knowledge that is lacking in most betting strategies, betting systems, and just good old handicapping from the papers, charts, etc. If you add the knowledge and insights of this book together with your personal routines in handicapping your profit potential can certainly increase sharply. It is well worth the price of the PDF format book.

The author developed and used the technology and was able to consistently win bets. It is the knowledge that is crucial in order not to be taken to the cleaners by all the track sharks.

How betting on horses compares to other kinds of investments

There is no doubt about it. Without the insights "Win Bets Consistently" brings to you, you will remain a faltering investor, doing no better than investors using any other avenue of investing when they do not have the professional insight needed to compete with, and sometimes outwit the professionals.

Deceptions, false information, withholding of crucial facts, con artists selling useless information or valueless commodity options, etc., etc. make investing a most insecure means of trying to hedge your funds from inflation or to make a profit. Dealing in long-term paper securities and international exchange rates makes a person vulnerable to financial crises, bad financial or political news, and rumors that float around stock markets almost every day. We are all well familiar with the issues and we all have been seriously hurts time and again.

Of all the different means of investing, betting horse races has always been depreciated because most racing fans are helpless victims of the sharks in the wagering environment that cause a person to always pass up the real opportunities. This does not have to be so! When you know your opponents and the strategies they use, betting on horses becomes a much better investment than most investments and certainly equal to the best investment opportunities out there, barring dishonest pursuits in business and crime. It also beats an 8 to 10 hour job (for many these days at reduced pay!). Betting also circumvents uncertainties from government, Wall Street and banking intervention on the the economic scene; and international currency fluctuations. In betting horses, you are concerned only with the things happening on the track in each race-- and you can eliminate most races while going over the racing schedules sitting right in your living room. The profits of your investment are instant and in cash.

There are means right at the track that allow you to determine which horse, in the race you have selected will win the race. Successful betting demands that you know your stuff down pat; and know at all times what goes on at the track; what is of importance and what is just chaff floating around to distract the handicapper. The more a race is advertised the less inclined you should be to make a bet.

There is plenty of time to enjoy the fanfare, because you know you cannot invest in that race. You become a mere spectator and can go with the flow of enthusiasm and excitement of the race.

Betting successfully on the races certainly is more enjoyable, more fun, and less worry than most other investment preoccupations.



Every investor should have a copy of this book.

It is a must-have reference for investors.

Be in charge of your investments--bet on horse races!

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